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Launch Render-Hours

Launch Render-Hours

Vital update of our system users!  

To all our end users who has joined the system before 15th of November all of your balance will be gauge with render-hours.
this was so because, before the stated time, our render system already kick started and operate well. Just this week our regular users were moved to the new system, with this approach we have eliminated quite junks of questions related to deposits and withdrawal.

On this note, we are taking a step to completely shift our system to the render-hour, this process will continue till 31st of December by this time we already know our users must have gotten a new system of payment activated.

What changed?
First changes will be notice in the area of payment, the number of render-hours is indicated with the purchase, and the amount to be paid is calculated based on the basic rate: 1 render-hour is equal to the cost of one server hour- 1.25$.

How does this work? 

This simply means, by just placing a purchase on a 10 hours render hours, you have automatically purchase 10 hours of work on our servers, and then you spend them on the work of our servers on your projects. Every minute of work of each server on any of your projects is taken into account. You can spend these 10 render hours on 5 hours of work of 2 servers, or 10 hours of work of 1 server and so on, that is just the simplest illustration to this.

What is Render-hours? 
This simply means of exchange or the currency that this system adopted as mode of payment for our online farm, you spend your time and at the same time pay for the time, before you log unto to the system you can calculate to see if you have enough of your render-hours to render the project, by entering the data off of your processor and the render time on your computer.     

How do calculate what the render hour will cost?

The variation of the charges is due to the number of time your scene will be rendered by our online render farm servers, also we charge based on the work each of our server that will be integrated in your scene render, our rate is 1.25$ per hour.

For example, if your scene will be using just one of our server for just 3 hours, then your charges will be 3 render hours which amount to 3.75$, if your scene will be taking 3 servers, that is 3 render hour multiply by 3 servers and it is equivalent to 11.225$.

You may not be able to accurately predict the number of hours your scenes may take to render, however, with the help of our calculator, you could approximately calculate what charges you may be charge, this system will have calculated based on the amount of machine hours that is spent on the work on all of the servers.

What is the cost to render on your farm?

For users making use of CPU, the cost is 1.25$ per hour and for users making use of GPU, the charges is 10$ per hour.

You can enjoy up to 60% discount which varies with your project range.

If you need to learn more about our pricing system and detail information, you can contact our personal manager.

In our bid to ensure better services for our users, we took into consideration the current market price and trend and what our users desire, we have eliminated complicated calculations related with our calculator.