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Launch Render-Hours

Launch Render-Hours

An important update of our system! 

All users who have joined us after November 15th, will have their balance measured in render-hours!   

During this time, the render-hours system has shown itself very well. A large number of questions about deposits and withdrawals have dissapeard.  

It's time to completely transfer our farm to the render-hours system. This week we started transferring our regular users to the new system. Until the end of December, all users will have the new payment system activated.

What changed?
Now, for payment, the number of render-hours is indicated with the purchase, and the amount to be paid is calculated based on the basic rate: 1 render-hour is equal to the cost of one server hour- 1.25$.

How does this work? 
With the purchase of 10 render-hours you buy 10 hours of work of our servers, and then you spend them on the work of our servers on your projects. Every minute of work of each server on any of your projects is taken into account. You can spend these 10 render hours on 5 hours of work of 2 servers, or 10 hours of work of 1 server and so on. 

What is Render-hours? 
Render-hours is the currency used on our online farm. You spend time and you pay for time (render-hours). You can calculate in the calculate to see if you have enough of your render-hours to render the project, by entering the data off of your processor and the render time on your computer.  

How do I find out, how much the render will cost?
The cost of rendering depends on how long your scene is rendered by our render farm servers. Payment is taken depending on the work of each server that is involved in the scene render, and is based on the rate of 1.25$/hour.

If your scene is running 1 server for 3 hours, the cost of the render will be - 3 render hours which will cost you 3.75$ (3 hours for 1.25$/hour.). At the same time you can render on 3 servers for 1 hour, the cost will be the same which is 3 render-hours that you buy for 3.75$: 1 hour for 1.25$/hour and the same for each of the three servers.

It is rather hard to estimate the cost of rendering in advance. However, you can estimate the approximate cost and duration using our calculator. Please note that the cost does not depend on the number of selected servers, it is calculated based on the amount of machine hours that is spent on the work on all of the servers.

What is the cost to render on your farm?
The cost of one render-hour on the CPU is 1.25$/hour, on the GPU 10$/hour. 
There are discounts that are up to 60%, depending on the range of your project. 
For more information, please contact your personal manager

We took into account the current trend of the market and your wishes. No more complicated calculations of the cost, just purchase time and spend time! Calculations before hand, in the calculator, is also measured using time!