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Quick start in 6 simple steps

Fully automated rendering process and user-friendly interface guarantee easy start and getting used to workflow. You would be able to render the first frames just in 10-15 minutes after the registration.

step 1 Please, Register and get the access to your private acount with 4 render hours welcome bonus


To start using our system you don’t need to install any fancy software or tweaking any of your apps or hardware. You just need to register at our website and after you enter you credentials, you will find yourself in your account where you will manage all the render jobs. Your personal render farm is already ready to render! Free registration grants you 4 render hours welcome bonus, which could be spend on any rendering without any limitations.

step 2 Uploading your scene via FTP, Special plugin or Hi-speed ASpera connection

You may upload scenes upto 1 Gb size directly using the file manager, when creating the render job. To render bigger scenes you need to upload them beforehand using FTP or Aspera. Connection details on our FTP are emailed to you after the registration. To use Aspera select the FILE MANAGER tab and after clicking on Browse for file, you would be offered to download and install Aspera plugin. Using Aspera, you would top up your upload/download speed in several times.


3DS MAX users may enjoy uploading the scene via a special plugin of Turborender. This solution offers important benefits


step 3 Creating New Render Job


Select you graphic application tab and click on NEW TASK, in the opened window assign the servers, select the scene to render, frame range, cam name, render engine and the resulting format. In additional options you may change the size and format of render results. When you are done with settings, you may start the free prerender.

step 4 Making free prerender to avoid incorrect results

Free prerender feature allow to render several frames for free with all the original settings. All the rendering is done as for the finals, but the results are watermarked. Completing the prerender you will get the idea if there is any need in corrections for the scene. You will also receive the estimation for the full project rendering costs based on real rendering speed, not just vague calculations based on CPU speed.


If needed, you may buy the prerender results without watermarks just in few clicks, without starting the render again.


step 5 Proceeding with rendering of project in Full if the prerender was all good!


If you are ready to render your project in full with the same settings as for prerender, just click on the Render button by the task. If any settings need to be corrected (or change the frame range for instance) – create a new job with the settings you prefer and click on Start render. After the job start you would be able to see the render progress at the tab with job list.

step 6 Downloading the results using File manager, ftp or Aspera hi-speed connection

When the render is done, the system sends you an email with a link for the render results. Click the link, login and you will be directed to the file manager with you results. You may download any files separately or the ful archive here. Another option is to use FTP (connection details and login/pass emailed to you after the registration), or using the hi-speed connection via Aspera, which may be found at the File Manager tab.