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About RH and Pricing Packages Updates

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It may be difficult for users to understand pricing in the online rendering industry, especially if they are newbies. In this article, we describe how TurboRender pricing is built and how our pricing packages update will help you get up and running quickly.

What is a render hour (RH)?

A Render Hour (RH) is the currency used on our online render farm. One render hour is equivalent to an hour of rendering on one server, in other words, one machine hour.

For example, you need to render your project. You can pay five render hours for five hours of rendering on one server or you can pay one render hour for one hour of rendering on five servers. And the price will be the same for both of these situations. So, the cost does not depend on the number of selected servers but it is based on the amount of machine hours spent on rendering on all servers.

What are the prices on your render farm?

The price depends on what you use for rendering (CPU or GPU) and the power of a server.

  • The CPU Render price (server without graphics card 16core Xeon Gold 5220,64Gb) starts from $0.87 (per render-hour)

  • The GPU Render price (server with 4x GPU 2x Xeon Gold 5220, 64Gb) starts from $4.37 (per render-hour)

  • The GPU Render price (server with 4x GPU 2x Xeon Gold 6240R, 128Gb) starts from $8.74per (render-hour)

How can I find the preliminary cost of my project?

You can use our render cost calculator. To calculate the cost of the project, you need to register. After registration on the task setting window, you'll find the calculator button on the top-right corner. 

Or you can contact our managers in the lower right corner of the screen, and our team will gladly help you.

Please, note that our render cost calculator can't calculate the exact cost of the render. The estimations are based only on a comparison of the power of your processor/graphics card and our servers, without taking into account the settings of your scene, peculiarities of the software, and renderer used. We recommend using your demo hours to get more accurate cost and render time estimation of your project.

TurboRender Pricing Packages Updates

TurboRender is always trying to make the rendering process easier for users that's why we have updated our payment packages. Prices have remained the same, we’ve changed the bonuses information. This update will help users quickly understand how much bonuses they receive with each package.

Previously, our pricing packages provided percentages for bonuses. But now, after updating the information on our packages, all bonuses are indicated in numbers.

Now pricing is clearer, and rendering is more productive and faster.

What payment methods do you support?

You can top up your balance through a credit card or with PayPal.

How can I top up my balance?

Sign in to your TurboRender account, go to Payments, and choose a ready-made offer.

Still have questions? Ask our technical support team, and our team will answer all your questions quickly.

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