Frequently Asked Questions

01 What is a render farm?

It simply means a computer cluster- it is the user of huge number of powerful servers that has being pre-installed with a computer software which includes the likes of Cinema 4D, 3Ds Max, After Effects etc. your scene numbers will be broken down into different available servers on other render farm, each render farm has been pre-configured to render its own portion in line with other servers.

This means, you can a project that is very large to be render by over 20, 40 or 60 servers in the space of 1 or 2 hours instead of your personal computer. The rendering of any project always takes only a part of the render farm servers: from 1 to 100, because it is inefficient to run the render on 800 or 1000 servers.

02 What do you offer?
You as a user of our system, we offer the services of rendering your projects on our server farm and you pay for the number of hours our servers take to render your projects.

03 How should I choose on which farm to render and why are you better than others?
You cannot accurately select the render farm to use if you have not acquitted with the way the system operates, so it is advised you register with us, you will get a 4 hours’ free render hours for your first frame. With our simplify steps related to interacting with our farm, you will get along I just a short while period. Here are the features of our render farm
- 800 servers for render CPU
- 16 GPU servers
- Qualified online technical support 24/7
- No waiting in the queue when the render is started (load the project, put it on the render, the process starts immediately)
- Availability of own plug-ins for 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, After Effects for working with a farm in a click
- Ability to independently set the required number of servers for rendering
- NDA for each project

04 How to launch the render?

If you make use of any of this software 3Ds Max, After Effects or Cinema 4D, then you have been enabled to run render directly from the application with just a click to install our plugin by installing our RenderApp plugin. 

Then if you make use of other interface you can render your projects through If you render on video cards (GPU render), then you will be given direct access to the server via TeamViewer. Access is provided by the technical support.

05 I have to pay in the render hours. What does it mean?

First changes will be notice in the area of payment, the number of render-hours is indicated with the purchase, and the amount to be paid is calculated based on the basic rate: 1 render-hour is equal to the cost of one server hour- 1.25$. This simply means, by just placing a purchase on a 10 hours render hours, you have automatically purchase 10 hours of work on our servers, and then you spend them on the work of our servers on your projects. Every minute of work of each server on any of your projects is taken into account. You can spend these 10 render hours on 5 hours of work of 2 servers, or 10 hours of work of 1 server and so on, that is just the simplest illustration to this.

The variation of the charges is due to the number of time your scene will be rendered by our online render farm servers, also we charge based on the work each of our server that will be integrated in your scene render, our rate is 1.25$ per hour.

For example, if your scene will be using just one of our server for just 3 hours, then your charges will be 3 render hours which amount to 3.75$, if your scene will be taking 3 servers, that is 3 render hour multiply by 3 servers and it is equivalent to 11.225$.

You may not be able to accurately predict the number of hours your scenes may take to render, however, with the help of our calculator, you could approximately calculate what charges you may be charge, this system will have calculated based on the amount of machine hours that is spent on the work on all of the servers.

06 How to find out how much the render will cost?

The cost of the render depends on how long your scene is rendered by the servers of our render farm. Payment is taken for the work of each server involved in the scene render, based on the tariff of 1,25 $ per hour.

If 1 server is working on your scene for 3 hours, then the cost of the render will be 3,75$ (3 hours at 1,25 $ per hour). In this case, you can perform a render on 3 servers in 1 hour, the cost will be 3,75$ as well: 1 hour at 1,25 $ per hour and so for each of the three servers.

It is extremely difficult to assess the price in advance. But you can estimate the approximate cost and duration using our calculator. Please note that the cost does not depend on the number of selected servers; it is calculated based on the amount of machine hours spent on all servers.

07 What are the prices for render on your farm?
The cost of one hour render on the CPU is 1,25 $, on the GPU - 10 $. There are discounts of up to 60% depending on the scale of your project. More details can be checked with your personal manager.

08 How to pay for the render?
For each completed render, the system will use a render clock with your balance. You can top up the balance of the render hours in your account in the "Payments" section through Webmoney, Paypal, Yandex-money payment systems, as well as with Visa / Mastercard. We can also work through an agreement with legal entities and non-cash payment by bank payment.

09 How long will my project be rendered?
You can roughly calculate the duration of the render of your project on the render farm. To do this, you will need to use a calculator, and you will need to know the render time of 1 frame on your computer, as well as what kind of processor you have. A calculator based on the processor performance table will estimate how long 1 frame on our server will be rendered, then it will multiply this by the total number of frames and will tell you how much this will be the actual wait time for different number of servers.

10 What is your technical capacity?

CPU 800 Servers
Types of servers (character of one server):
- 2x Intel Xeon 5670, 48Gb RAM
- 2x Intel Xeon 5680, 48Gb RAM
- 2x Intel Xeon 2650v2, 64Gb RAM
- Intel Xeon 2673 (v3, v4) 56Gb, 112Gb RAM
- Intel Xeon E5-2695V3 256Gb RAM

GPU 16 servers
Characteristics of a single server:
4x GeForce GTX 1080ti, 64Gb RAM, Octanebench: 756

11 What software do you support?
We support 3D's Max, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender, as well as all the popular plugins for these programs. If we do not have some plug-in, or you need to add your font, you can contact the support team, and we will install it for you.

12 What should I do if the calculator does not have my processor?
Do not worry, just contact the technical support team, they will help you with choosing the closest type of device

13 How accurately does your calculator on the website calculate the rendering time and cost?
The accuracy of our calculator directly depends on the accuracy of the data you provide for the calculation. If you do not have the opportunity to estimate the average rendering time of a frame, then we will be able to estimate the cost fairly accurately after we make a pre-render of every 10th frame. In the case of static rendering, the accuracy of estimating the cost and time is rather low. Everything will depend on the initial render settings. Therefore, we recommend that you do not postpone the delivery of the project until the last minute and reserve some more time and money.

14 Are plugins supported in scenes? What if the 3D max settings (gamma, etc.) are different from the settings on the rendering farm?

Our farm supports most plugins. In order for the 3D max settings (gamma, etc.) to be as you need, you can specify specific settings for rendering your scene when setting the task.

Or, if you use 3D's Max, After Effects, Cinema 4D, you can download the RenderApp application, which:
1. Automatically sends your project to the render farm and launches to render directly from the modeling environment.
2. Checks the scene for possible errors and eliminates them if detected.
3. Prepares the scene for a render farm on a render farm.
3. The plugin is created to automatically collect all the settings.

15 How can I contact you?
You can write in the lower right corner of the screen in the support team window, or:
Contact the technical support team by phone
8-800-333-09-83 (toll free in Russia)
Phone: + 7-499-322-0742
Telegram: @TurborenderBot
WhatsApp, Viber: +79080648094
Skype: Support TurboRender

16 Is there any guarantee that my scenes and ideas will not be stolen by a third party?
The contract of the offer has the NDA for each project. We take all measures of technical protection against unauthorized access to the files transferred to us, your files and projects are visible only to you.

17 How to get access to GPU servers?
Access to GPU servers is carried out directly using the TeamViewer program. Information about connection via TeamViewer is provided by the technical support team.

18 I put 400 frames on the render, and only one was counted, why?
Check the formulation of the problem, most likely you just indicated the number 400 instead of 0-400 in the frame range. This is not correct, since only the 400th frame is miscalculated, in order to miscalculate the desired range of frames, you need to specify a range of frames, for example, 0-400

19 What does the name of the scene with the extension mean?
Scene extension is what comes after the dot in the scene file name. For example: file.max Accordingly, the scene name with extension is the name of the scene + extension: file.max

20 Is there a RenderApp for MacOS?
Currently, RenderApp only supports Windows. If you have a different operating system, you can always use the web interface of the render farm.