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Changes in July'20

Posted 2 years ago by TurboRender

Summer months are not a reason to relax. Our work was in full swing and we are ready to talk about all the innovations during this time.

  • At your request, added the ability to delete GPU tasks that have already gone into work.
  • We have completed a global update of the calculator. In addition to the tips, we added absolutely ALL processors that we could find.
  • Added a switch for additional parameters of the output file on the task creation page.
  • Added tips and small changes to the farm interface.
  • Changed the display of the stages of setting a task on the task creation page.
  • Added a mobile version in which you can follow the list of tasks and pay for rendering from your phone.
  • Improved tooltips for negative balance.
  • Improved preview service for 3Ds Max.
  • The fault tolerance of the scene parameters analysis service has been increased.
  • Added limited offer when buying your RH quantity.
  • Redesigned payment page for foreign currency clients
  • The ability to load folders with projects has been added to the task creation page.
  • We were forced to take this measure, the minimum cost of the 1RH task was introduced. This solution will provide an opportunity to technically develop our service further, as well as resolve a number of issues related to the provision of free capacity.
  • The main payment system has been changed for currency clients.
  • We removed the option to pay in rubles through paypal due to Paypal's refusal to carry out internal transfers in Russia.
  • Improved modal feedback window.
  • Added limitation of output format and codecs for rendering in video.
  • Compilation of video in Apple ProRes codecs is possible only for mov format.
  • Added hints to stopped tasks.
  • A button “show errors” has been added to the task page, which is displayed if the task fell into an error. When you click on the button, errors of all chunks are displayed

And we also fix all the little things about which you write to us:

  • Fixed a bug with creating tasks with multiple cameras and an incorrect scene name.
  • Fixed double write-off bug.
  • Fixed demo exit bug when tasks in the queue were not marked as not demo
  • Fixed bug of inability to enter your camera name in case of error reading scene parameters
  • Fixed bug of interaction with the list of nodes and the field of frames for Houdini.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying an empty task list.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying symbols like 'g' in drop-down lists on the task creation page.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying notifications about tasks with a long name.
  • Fixed farm display bugs with 1300px screen width.
  • Fixed a bug with reading scene parameters prepared via render app.
  • Fixed a bug with a client redirecting to the page of a newly created task when buying a custom number of hours at the payment step after creating a task.
  • Fixed a layout bug in the payment modal at the step with the payment result.
  • Fixed a layout bug on the page with a list of tasks when the separator for the top menu was not displayed
  • Fixed a bug with layout of packages in the modal payment window for ruble clients
  • Fixed a layout bug on the task creation page: overflow of drop-down lists when the line length exceeded the size of the component and the text went beyond its limits
  • Fixed a bug when the list of packages was not updated when exiting the demo
  • Fixed bug of exiting demo mode.
  • Fixed a bug with frame counting based on render results.
  • Fixed bug highlighting balance with negative value in mobile version
  • Fixed a bug with showing the payment modalk after creating a task, when the client had to select a package twice
  • Fixed bug with output image settings for 3Ds Max.

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