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Changes in April'20

Posted 3 years ago by TurboRender

April changes:

  • We've slightly updated the interface of the "New task" page for more convenience.
  • When viewing task results, it is now possible to navigate to subdirectories.
  • Improved AE scene analysis algorithm.
  • Improved file download mechanism.
  • Added task queues for launching, now you can safely set as many tasks as you want on the maximum servers, and we will render them in the order of your personal queue.
  • For Maya tasks, removed the width, height and output format parameters when creating a task. Rendering goes in parameters that are set inside the scene.
  • Added support for cinema4d r21. There are no plugins yet, only renderers: standard, arnold, viray, corona. Versions are in the plugins list. If Cinema shows an error, the server will restart automatically.
  • Improved song reading for AE. Added support for AE 2020.
  • Scene analysis for 3Ds Max has accelerated tens of times.
  • Improved unpacking of archives. Now AE scenes with a sequence of frames are rendered immediately by themselves. There are no more problems with unpacking files in AE.
  • The interface for creating tasks for After Effects has been changed.
    - Render in video is by default
    - Instead of specifying frames, you can now specify the duration of the composition, as it is implemented in the AE interface.
    The frame rate and duration are indicated in hours, minutes, seconds and frames.
    In order to specify a separate frame range, you just need to turn off the render in the video.

Fixed bugs that you reported to us:

  • the task did not start due to fractional fps under some conditions.
  • for houdini, when the names of the render nodes for two scenes were the same, the old parameters were sent.
  • Fixed a layout bug on the task creation page, when a large scene name “left” outside the drop-down list.
  • Fixed a bug with the preview of render results. Wrong result was sometimes shown.
  • Fixed a bug with creating a task for houdini. The change in resolution led to a change in the output node of the render.
  • Fixed video assembly bug.
  • Fixed a bug with selecting scene files when creating a task. Now scenes with an uppercase extension are also available for selection.
  • Fixed rendering bug in jpg in Maya.
  • Fixed bug with blocking access to ftp.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying task history in my profile. Complete task ids are visible.
  • Fixed a bug on the farm when creating a task during the analysis of a file, the transition to another page is incorrectly processed.
  • The preview of the render for 3D max has become more stable.

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