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TurboRender Software Updates

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The TurboRender team updated the supported software totally. Now rendering with our online render farm is more efficient and effective. We’ve described all the updates in this article.

The List of Updated Software

  • Added 3Ds Max 2024.1

  • 3Ds Max 2022.2 updated to 2022.3

  • 3Ds Max 2020.0 updated to 2020.3

  • 3Ds Max 2021.0 updated to 2021.3

  • After Effects 2023.4 updated to 2023.6

  • Blender 3.6.1 updated to 3.6.2

  • Houdini 19.0.531 updated to 19.5.716

  • Maya 2020.2 updated to 2023.3

  • Added a new version CINEMA 4D 2023.2.2

The List of Updated Render Engines

  • Corona 8.1 updated to 10.1 for 3Ds Max 2021/2022/2024 and CINEMA 4D S24/R25/2023

  • V-Ray 3.6 updated to V-Ray Next 4.30.02 for 3Ds Max 2018

  • V-Ray 5.20.23 updated to 6.10.08 for 3Ds Max 2021/2022/2024

  • Arnold updated to for 3Ds Max 2022/2024 and CINEMA 4D 21/24/25

The List of Updated Plugins

  • Added PhoenixFD 5.10.00 for 3Ds Max 2018

  • Added PhoenixFD 5.20.00 for 3Ds Max 2020/2021/2022/2024

  • TurbulenceFD 1.0.1113 updated to 1.0.1465 for C4D R19/R20/R21/S24.

  • Updated Forester for all versions to 1.5.2. 

  • tyFlow 1.026 uploaded for 3Ds Max 2021/2022/2024, the Render version.

  • Populate 5.0 is available for 3Ds Max 2024.

  • Added Frischluft Lenscare 1.49 for After Effects
  • Added Pixel Sorter 2.2.2 for After Effects

  • Added Separate RGB 3.0.3 for After Effects

  • BorisFX Sapphire 2022.51 updated to 2023.52 

  • Added Crates Heat Radiation 1.0 for After Effects

  • Added Cinema Spice - Glitchify 1.0 for After Effects

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